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Children deserve to have their fathers in their lives and this should be an automatic right for children, not something that should have to be fought for, as long as the parent has their best intentions at heart.

1 – Shared Parenting

An automatic presumption of shared parenting with the children when the parents split, with equal parenting time as a starting point (as long as there is no history or evidence of abuse or harm to a child). This will give both parents equal parity of rights to care for their children.

In short, we want dads to have an equal status….same as Mum.

When parents separate and where possible, we know the best arrangement by far (research supports this) for children is where they have two homes and spend substantial time with both parents at weekends and mid-week and both parents share in the children’s upbringing and development.

In practice shared parenting means;

children spending ordinary and fun times with each parent;
children sleeping, eating, working and playing in each home;
each parent listening and talking to the children;
the parents sharing the big decisions about the children’s lives;
each parent being involved in the children’s schools, sport, music and other activities;
each parent being fully aware of the physical, intellectual and emotional health of the children;
children being part of two extended families grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, friends.

Sometimes this ideal arrangement for children of shared parenting is not practically possible, perhaps because of distance, work commitments, financial or the health of parents. However, it is important for the health, emotional and educational development of children that as much as possible of the ideal shared parenting arrangement be implemented.

Shared parenting after separation is making sure that children spend large amounts of time in both homes with both parents and their extended families. It means that kids have both mother and father directly involved in the decisions and activities that contribute to their health, welfare and development.

Staying connected in meaningful relationships is what helps children survive family break-up and eventually thrive in their new family situation. Shared parenting is the best solution for children after separation and divorce. Children enjoy continued love and interaction with both parents and their extended families, and a lessening of emotional trauma due to family upheaval.

2 – Open Courts

To be brought into line with the crown and magistrates courts. This will help to prevent corruption, bias and implement a culture of accountability within the family courts.

3- Enforcement Orders

Tough action against parents that break Orders

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The aim of Fathers Rights is to help children continue and re-establish relationships with their dads, which may be under attack by parental alienation and hostility between feuding parents.

Any parent that causes harm to their own children (physically or emotionally) or any other child should be punished severely, without exception.

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