Useful Resources

Family break-ups can be the hardest experience in your life and hopefully some of the resources below will help ease the pain.

Fathers separated from their children are left powerless due to bias family laws and from experience you need to join support groups, no matter how strong you think you are.

For Fathers Alienated From Their Children

Family Law Decisions – Use the services of a McKenzie friend and save money on legal fees, whilst using a firm that cares.

Local FNF branch meetings – Local FNF meetings provide Fathers with free information and support, which is vital when dealing with the pain and stress of separation from your children, this is highly recommended.

Join Dads UK for great advice and support from experienced parents who have been in your situation.

Join Real Fathers 4 Justice a very good organisation that gets more actively involved in helping to change UK family laws.

Help Your Child Deal With Seperation – Great Book and DVD to help children with seperation (ships from USA) – Great resource for children of all ages

General Resources – one-stop resource for all the UK’s major help services – Legal facts and glossary – fantastic resource for all parents separated from their children

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