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Mother Continues Alienation and Child Abuse by Not Involving Father In New School Choice

Despite a promise to keep me involved with her new school, my daughter’s mother continues on her usual course by alienating me from a major choice in our daughter’s life.

I and her mother chose her current school after visiting several of the best local schools and collectively deciding on her education.

Now, I am not even told when they are going to see potential new schools and instead her boyfriend has become the father in this matter. this is outrageous and something must be done to combat evil women that do things like this. i am not a father who has shirked my responsibilities, O have been there from pregnancy to today, always available for my daughter and always striving to see her more, but after 3 years in court I am still reduced to nothing more than a part-time carer who has no say in her upbringing.

What can I do to stop this as the courts are simply not doing their job? Continue reading

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