This site was setup due to discrimination and injustice for tens of thousands of fathers in the UK.

The UK legal system allows ANY mother to stop contact between a child and it’s father, without any punishment whatsoever. Thousands of children and dads suffer because some mothers think that it is ok to abuse their children by denying them access to their own parent.

It DOES NOT MATTER if you are married or not, ANY mother can stop access to a father and there is NOTHING you can do to FORCE a mother to give you access, UNLESS she agrees to it.

Judges and the legal system will not help you unless you are prepared for a long, emotionally-costly court battle which only serves to fuel emotions and worsen the situation for most children.

99% of fathers do not know this and have to spend thousands of pounds in court trying to gain access to their own children.

Who suffers?

The children, the fathers and society as a whole.

Until family law is changed, OUR children are suffering because archaic laws allow such acts of child abuse.

Fathers should have equal parenting rights, just like a mother and this will give children a happier balance and ultimately help society become a better place.

Other countries have changed laws so that both parents share responsibility, so why in the UK do we still discriminate against fathers?

Please spread the word and use this site as a means to get the word across the internet, so more people are aware of the grave mis-justice being carried out in the UK and other parts of the world.

Our children’s basic human rights are being ignored in countries that claim to have democratic societies with fair and just laws.

Thank you for your support and lets hope and pray laws are changed to protect our innocent children and make families an important part of life.

Parental alienation and fathers rights are major issues that need tackling and they need your support!

To apply to write on this website or to get involved with UK protests and campaigns, email justice@fathers-rights.co.uk

The aim of Fathers Rights is to help children continue and re-establish relationships with their dads, which may be under attack by parental alienation and hostility between feuding parents.

Any parent that causes harm to their own children (physically or emotionally) or any other child should be punished severely, without exception.

This site is about caring, loving parents that want to give children the best upbringing they can.

All information on this site is provided in good faith and is regularly updated.

Fathers Rights cannot, however, accept liability for any loss incurred by use of the information provided on this site or for the content of any of the external sites to which it is linked. Visitors considering or involved in litigation should seek qualified legal advice when necessary.

Important Notes
Please ensure you do not say anything that may be in contempt of court in your own or other proceedings on this website.

It is your responsibility to ensure that whatever you say on this page will not cause you or others problems with the law.

Please be very careful.

We recommend Families Need Fathers or Dads UK for personal advice. http://www.fnf.org.uk/help-and-support