Parental Alienation And A Mother In Denial

For the past two and a half years I have had to listen to my ex telling me that my daughter is scared of me and that my own daughter says she wants to spend less time with me.

Over the past few weeks I have realised that my ex will never see what she is doing as she is too preoccupied blaming me for everything and she is in complete denial.

Despite CAFCASS and a judge showing that BOTH parents are to blame, she still only focuses on me and expects me to give in and accept being some kind of sub-standard parent.

My daughter means everything to me and being a father is what I do best.

When my daughter stays with me, our time together is so special and if only CAFCASS could see us together, all these stupid accusations would be thrown out of court.

It is such a shame that, in a world with so much destruction, a parent that truly has the best interests of their child is treated like some kind of monster.

Parental alienation is becoming more recognised in legal cases and mothers are sometimes unaware of what they are doing, but this does not excuse the damage being caused to the children who are the innocent victims.

I read about child matters and educate myself on what is best for my daughter, yet the mother is so pig-headed and unwilling to admit she may be doing damage to her own child, which is a very sad situation and makes me resent her even more.

Countless people tell me that the situation will change as my daughter gets older, but why can’t a so-called good mother look at herself and realise she is part of the problem and not the perfect parent she thinks she is?

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