Canadian court reverses residence to counter alienation

A Canadian court has completely reversed the residence arrangements for three girls whose mother had disrupted and denigrated their relationship with their father. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice heard that the mother had consistently flouted previous contact orders and, according to a psychologist, “overprotected¬† the three children to the point of infantilizing all of them.” As a result, the girls had begun to withdraw from their father and refuse contact.

Madam Justice Faye McWatt said “It is now time for his and the children’s fates to be free from [the mother’s] control… She has shown that she cannot be entrusted with it.”

MJ McWatt not only ordered that the girls, aged 9, 11 and 14, should live with their father but furthermore that their mother should not contact or be within 300 metres of them except during counselling. Their father is also permitted to confiscate mobile phones, computers and other communication devices to prevent their mother from contacting them.

Story taken from Mckenzie no. 83, Feb 2009

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