Who Wins From Parental Alienation?

I have just had another amazing weekend with my daughter where we had real bonding fun, filled with adventure and excitement.

As usual, two days later when I speak to her, it’s as if I was nothing or nobody to her. Some people tell me that it is her age, but I know my daughter and I know what her mother has been like since she was born. My daughter is made to feel uncomfortable when I call and there is no friendliness on my ex’s part since we split 4 yeasr ago, when she left me for another guy.

Parental alientation is becoming more widely recognised, but the law, CAFCASS and the family courts need to wise up and start acting on this, as our children are the ones that ultimately suffer from this form of abuse.

The resident parent, usually the mother is the one person that dillusionally thinks that they win in this situation, but everyone loses with parental alienation. Fathers lose because they lose proper contact and lose out on many aspects of their child’s life. Children lose out because they feel that they are not allowed to be themselves around the resident parent and have to typically hide their true feelings about their fathers and mother lose out in the long-term due to children growing up and realising what their mothers have done to them by denying or restricting contact with both their natural parents.

Parental alienation needs to be stamped out and we need more support and awareness to safeguard our children from this cruel abuse.

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