The Inequality Of Family Courts

How ridiculous is the UK’s family court system?

I took my daughter’s mother to court because she refused to treat mr as an equal and I stupidly thought that justice would be served, I would share in our daughter’s upbringing and my daughter would grow up well-balanced and ready to take on the world.

The reality however, is vastly different to what I expected.

1- I still, 3 years on only get to see my daughter every other weekend, despite living within 2 miles of her

2- If I stay away from my home I have to inform her mother of the address, yet the mother does not have to tell mr anything, even if she takes her to the other side of the world

3- I have a court order detailing everything I have to do when my daughter is with mr, yet the mother has to do nothing

4- If I take my daughter abroad I have to send copies of the tickets and all address details, again, the mother has to do nothing.

All of this is without having any reason or grounds to prove my ability or responsibility to look after our daughter.

The court system is so heavily biased that the judges have lost sight that the children are the primary concern and if both parents were treated equally, then the process would work more smoothly, as fathers like me, would not feel so discriminated against.

I have always been there for my daughter and nobody is saying I am a bad father, so why are we as parents treated so unequally?

Fathers rights are being ignored far too often in the UK and groups like FNF and Real Fathers for Justice are trying to put pressure on ministers and judges to make fairer laws, until then our children cannot grow up in a healthy environment with such inequalities in place.

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