Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse So Why Don’t We Follow Other Countries And Stamp It Out?

Parental Alienation is recognised in many countries around the world as child abuse and laws have been changed to stamp this cruel and selfish act out, in the best interests of children. Sadly, the UK is way behind in this matter and courts still do not recognise Parental Alienation as the abuse it is.

We receive hundreds of messages supporting a change in the law but the government, as always, is slow to act. A review of family law is under way and in the Autumn of 2011 the findings are expected to be available.

This is by no means the end of the matter. We need more and constant pressure on our MPs, government and more direct-action campaigning in order to stamp out this cruel abuse to children.

Parental Alienation needs to be recognised by CAFCASS and the courts, just as it is in Brazil, Canada, Australia and many states in the USA.

We need your support so please contribute stories and articles on this site so we can keep up the pressure.

Thank you


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