One Hundred Thousand Children Involved In New Family Court Applications In The Past Year

According to UK Ministry of Justice figures, more than 98,000 children were involved in new family court applications in the past year, but with previous government statistics lacking confidence, this is probably somewhat higher and in the 100,000 plus range.

This is an outrageous figure and something needs to be done to protect our society from self-destruction. When parents separate, fathers are met with unaccountable, secret court hearings, biased CAFCASS officers and family laws that do not accept fathers as equal parents.

Without adequate laws in place, mothers are given too much opportunity to abuse their situation and use brainwashing or parental alienation to put a distance between the child and their father.

I myself am a victim of parental alienation in a situation where the mother of my child chose to move 100 miles away without even asking or consulting me, despite being involved in family court proceedings for more than 5 years and forced to take part in the new Parenting Information Programme.

Despite all if this and the judge’s warnings that this is not good for our child, her attitudes have not changed and she continues to act for her own selfish interests.

Alienating mothers have no respect for family court judges, are allowed to dictate cases, they do not listen to court orders in many cases and go unpunished for doing so.

There is little hope for children who are victims of divorce or separation and the Family Law Review was meant to address the imbalance of existing laws, but once again the best interests of children has been ignored and fathers are left in desperate situations without any support in the courts.

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