Spare A Thought For The Children Who Are Victims Of Parental Alienation This Easter

Parental Alienation is classed as child abuse in many countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, Brazil and France. Sadly, for tens of thousands of parents in the UK (usually Fathers), the sad truth is that the resident parent (usually the mother) is denying proper access to their children.

The overwhelming fact is that countless studies by governments and child organisations show that children suffer when alienated from one of their parents.

Despite this fact, this Easter many children and fathers will be needlessly separated in sick, cruel games by the resident parent.

How can any parent intentionally harm their child or children?

The sad fact is that many mothers act out of spite to harm their ex-partners and stop or deny access between the father and the children. Yes, there are cases where men act irresponsibly and don’t care for their children, but I have not met many myself. What I see and hear is that tens of thousands of fathers are being separated from their blood children by vindictive, cruel mothers and the government not only allows this, but also forces the father to pay for the privilege of not seeing their own children.

The UK government and some states in the US are amongst the worst offenders in the world, which begs the question as to why they would allow this to happen.

I believe it is all driven by money as fathers have to battle hopelessly through the courts, paying high legal costs whilst many mothers sit back and claim their legal aid because they don’t work and have no intention of ever working.

I know plenty of great mothers but the sad truth is we get calls and emails every day from distraught fathers who cannot believe a modern society would actually sanction this utter madness, but corruption and destruction of family society seems to be the end goal of the government and financial elite.

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