Christmas Eve Protest Planned By Fathers in Grimsby, North East England

Hundreds of fathers are taking to the streets in Grimsby, North East England, due to lack of contact and access to their children over Christmas.

Staged In co-operation with local police, press and politicians, this demonstration further highlights the necessary and long-overdue need for a change in UK family laws, that affects hundreds of thousands of fathers and even more children.

Too many children are being brought up with the sad situation that they are forcefully or emotionally abused to distance themselves from their natural fathers, grandparents and wider family members, due to beliefs instilled in them by their mothers, acting out of pure selfishness and spite.

For far too long, fathers across the UK and other so-called democratic countries have endured totally biased laws that favour one parent over another at an emotional consequence to the children.

To take part in this protest or to find out more about how you can help, please email

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