Scared To Telephone My Own Eight Year Old Daughter Due To Parental Alienation

Every Tuesday I get to speak to my daughter on the phone, due to a court order allowing me to do so. Almost every week it is like I am speaking to a stranger and that she does not want to even speak to me. We have a great relationship (when she stays with me) and it is very clear that she adores me, but whenever she is with her mother she does not show any sign of this, why is this?

When she is with me and calls her mother she is open and talkative. her mother stresses that she does not say bad thing about me but why else would my own daughter act like this?

I am sitting here scared because every week I get upset as all I want is to find out what she has been upto and if she wants to talk about anything, but instead I get met with a child that does  not seem to care about speaking to me.

I am rading various books on alienation and how to deal with it, but still I am none the wiser as to what I should do when we have phone contact as I do not want to keep asking questions to a child that clearly seems to not want to talk to me, or at least does not appear to be comfortable to be able to do so.

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