A Ray Of Light For My Long-Term Battle

Weekends with my daughter are like rays of sunshine filtering through the clouds after a spell of rain.

It feels like I am finally getting our bond and stability back after a very painful and difficult 2 years and 4 months.

I only hope that when I call her in 2 days she will still sound happy with me as it’s always a dicey moment for me.

I have lost alot by deciding to run my own businesses but it looks like this year is when it all turns around for me. I am very happy in myself and I am feeling strong mentally after a hard and bitter court battle, which has by no means ended. I believe in justice and I also believe strongly that 2 days every 2 weeks is not sufficient contact between a parent and their child.

Fathers Rights groups have long campaigned for the presumption of shared parenting and I want to be more involved in my daughters life. I want to be more involved with her school and her life, how can that be classified as disruptive?

Fortnightly, meetings are held by fathers rights organisations like Families Need Fathers (FNF). Fathers discuss their situation and receive friendly, free advice to help their situation. What is very evident in these meetings is that the difference in contact varies greatly and in the majority of cases it seems to be dictated by the mother.

The law needs to presume shared contact if we truly want our children and our society to stand a chance.

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