McKenzie Friends – Essential For Your Family Court Case

A McKenzie friend is somebody that can assist you with your family law case, but cannot actually run your case for you in court.

When I first started out with my court case I used the services of a lawyer and found that they only seemed to inflame the situation and make the whole situation more aggressive which made the mother more aggressive.

By using an approved McKenzie friend listed on the Families Need Fathers website ( I found that my case has gone extremely well and I am being advised by a father who has himself been through the ordeal of parental alienation and seperation from his children.

McKenzie friend rates are much much lower than solicitors costs and I would highly recommend considering the use of one. Bear in mind though that you will effectively be handling the case yourself, so you have to be organised, motivated and confident to take control of your case in court, although a good McKenzie friend will be sitting with you and advising you at every step, but they cannot speak for you.

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