The Madness Of CAFCASS

I have now been battling in court for two and a half years and I am getting the relationship back with my daughter. When she is with me, we play and have really great fun and the bond appears very strong, despite the fact that she still maintains the fact that she is scared of me, which hurts deeply as there really is no foundation for it, except for a minor incident two and a half years previous.

I have been through two final hearings and never had any feeling that there is a final end in sight and in less than ten days I am due for my third final hearing, which I thought would be much more positive after I have:

  • actively made a serious effort to counter any evil efforts of my daughter’s mother
  • read and acted upon the amazing book “Divorce Poison”
  • sat down with my daughter and talked through the whole madness of her being “scared” of me and she seemed to understand just how silly the whole idea of being scared of me is

If it wasn’t a totally draining situation already, having to explain to a CAFCASS officer that my daughter cannot possibly be scared of me, is both upsetting and embarrassing.

I spoil my child as much as possible and put her first in everything, so how is it possible for a CAFCASS officer to be even asking me questions about my anger and moods, when I don’t actually have anger issues, especially against the one person that makes your life so special.

I hate the family law system in the UK, there is no such thing as equal parenting in the UK and the sheer madness of CAFCASS makes it even worse. When faced with a situation like mine, why don’t the courts or CAFCASS meet the parent and child together, see for themselves what lies are being spread and actually get to the root of the problem and help the innocent parties (usually the child).

It is sheer madness to go on for two and a half years without only ever sitting down with the father and child ONCE. Fathers rights are being ignored every day and the next generation will grow up with serious mental issues because of the government’s lack of support to fathers.

I understand there may be a lack of resources, but our children are the most important part of our lives and represent the future.

If we allow bitter, twisted mothers to use children as weapons against their previous partners, then the future does not look promising.

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