Fathers’ Rights Groups Call For Action To Protect UK Children

Fathers’ Rights is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to raise awareness of the gross inequalities in the current family law system and to get new legislation passed that will help protect UK children from a hostile parents’ intent on alienating the non-resident parent.

Despite the Child Act of 1989, judges do not act with common sense and responsibility and all too often favour mothers’ having disproportionate amount of contact, despite clear signs of hostility and alienation towards the father. This course of action by the judges results in child welfare being overlooked and leaves many fathers without contact to their own children.

In far too many cases, mothers are treated as the authority and wild claims and accusations are treated seriously, despite a lack of any evidence and fathers are often separated from their children for long periods and treated as second class citizens and stand little or no chance of receiving a fair hearing.

Henry Bellingham, Shadow Minister Of Justice has gone on record to say that this is totally unjust and states that “a legal presumption of equal rights” is a fairer starting point and that child rights are not being adhered to in the current legislation. He also welcomes working with fathers’ rights groups that are open to debating the issue and for the sake of our children and society, the media needs to play it’s role and help to put pressure on the government to get new legislation drawn up as quickly as possible.

Broken Britain can be fixed, but only if we take a stand and demand changes.

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