Remembering them

I have not seen my children since my ex got a non molestation order. To stop me harassing her! Big joke! I was a hen-pecked idiot who couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Here is a piece I have written recently for a competition to highlight our plight at large.

My Tender Trio

My tender trio are lost to me,
Just part of my own tarnished, old history.
I started to see them flourish,
And in my way their souls did I nourish.
They were selfishly taken from me,
In a hellishly spawned conspiracy.
My soul was battered and near crushed,
And my emotions were unduly pushed.

So many many many lies they were told,
Their enduring love for me became cold.
Their matriarch mother did cheat,
Which ultimately left me in defeat.
My precious memories are left,
But memories alone are hollow and bereft.
Thinking of my them brings sorrow,
I think to a bright future tomorrow.

Maybe there in some far off time,
closing of my longing couplets’ close rhyme.
They filled me with a resounding fun,
But it went like some dark dire setting sun.
Their happiness was always my whole,
Their less left me with a bitter weeping soul.
I hope and hope to see them again,
To find light out of the perpetual rain.

As I sit here and sadly write,
I think fondly of memories, so trite.
Finding the jumper that was near lost,
Now makes me weep and count ultimate cost,
I was them and my children me,
A loner with few friends and hobbies twee.
I intend to end with good thought,
That if there is any natural justice in this bittersweet world all the lies told of me will eventually dissipate and come to naught.

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