Child Abuse Through Parental Alienation Is A Widespread Problem In The UK

According to The Children’s Society an estimated 900,000 children are left without both parents, after separation or divorce. Parental alienation plays a big part in this statistic and resident parents (usually mothers) carry out this form of child abuse, sponsored by tax payer’s money, their new partners, family members and they even get rubber-stamped by family court judges and government social workers.

Fathers stand little or no chance of seeing their children on a shared parenting basis due to system-wide biasness in family law. It is expected that new laws will be put into place in 2011 to help stop such abuse by resident parents and if this does not happen, there will be major uprest amongst the hundreds of child, fathers and human rights groups across the country.

The United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child is the most widely recognised document on the rights of children and so far the UK government is not playing it’s part in protecting children from abusive resident parents and their supporters.

Show your support now and help children across the UK have access to both parents.

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