Spare A Thought For Thousands Of Good Fathers This Christmas Separated From Their Children Due To Parental Alienation

Tens of thousands of UK fathers will be without their children this Christmas due to parental alienation tactics by the children’s mothers. Despite the United Nations Conventions On The Rights Of A Child, of which the UK is a signatory, families across the UK and Europe will suffer the loss of a loved one for selfish reasons.

It is not just the father and the children that suffers, but also the surrounding families that get dragged into hostile disputes and court battles, leaving hundreds of thousands of people affected, but more importantly the innocent children are left to grow up without important family members in their life.

Parental alienation is child abuse and hopefully new laws will be introduced in the UK next autumn to combat this form of child abuse.

If you are an affected parent or family member this Christmas, keep your spirits up and remember that children will grow up to realise the truth for themselves.

Merry Christmas

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