Christmas Is A Sad Time For Many UK Fathers

Fathers Rights is a campaign group that is battling to change family laws in the UK, so that children are protected from child abuse being carried out by thousands of resident parents in the UK.

Most people do not realise that, if a resident parent (usually the mother) denies contact to your children, there is nothing that can be done in current UK law, except for months in court before you get contact restored. The sad reality is that the court cases can continue for many years, cost tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds, reduce fathers to devestated individuals and worst of all, the children are left dealing with situations and emotions that can effect them negatively in later life.

Alienating dads from their own children is a form of child abuse and needs to be stamped out by introducing changes in the law that will stop alienation being carried out and help to protect the children, who are the innocent victims in these cases.

The UK signed up to the United Nations Convention On The Rights Of A Child but is failing to adhere to these rights, making children and fathers suffer needlessly.

Spare a thought for millions of fathers and children this Christmas who will be victims of alienation and be left dealing with unnecessary pain and suffering.

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